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Viuda De Sanchez Sangrita - Alcohol Free - Perfect with Your Favorite Tequila - Make Delicious Alcohol Free Cocktails - 2 Bottles (1 Liter Each) | Imprinted Erbies™ Shot Glass - Two Ounces

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GREAT VALUE MIXOLOGY COMBO - A shot glass of tequila, a shot glass of lime juice, and a shot glass of Viuda De Sanchez sangrita, mirroring the colors of the Mexican Flag (Green, White, red). And acrylic shot glass is food/drink save and 100% BPA, meeting all FDA requirements. Their users are safe from harmful chemicals.

SPICE UP YOUR BRUNCH GAME - Make your next brunch a spicy one! It looks like Bloody Mary Mix; it is much different in taste and ingredients. There are no tomatoes in Viuda De Sanchez sangrita; the red color comes from chili de arbol. The most popular way to consume Viuda De Sanchez is to sip alongside a good tequila and some lime. It is an extra kick of spices to awaken the senses.

PERFECT POUR: It refreshes and cleanses the palate after each sip and enhance the taste of your favorite tequila. It smells and taste like a Hawaiian Punch or orange drink with a little spice. Therefore, this promotional acrylic shot glass with sangrita is safe from kitchen klutzes. Its a Shatter-Proof and Stronger than glass.

ONLY THE BEST: If you are Mexican, this product needs no introduction. Viuda De Sanchez is a non-alcoholic accompaniment to tequila and several cocktails. Sangrita is bold, spity, and tangy. It really highlights the crisp acidity of a good tequila and it is meant to cleanse the palate in between sips of tequila. It has luxurious appearance, crisp or soft hand and excellent drapeability.

SPARKLING TIME: Make any occasion a wonderful experience by serving a chilled bottle of viuda de sanchez sangrita into a acrylic shot glass with hot fancy cheese or any other your favorite snacks.

✶ AUTHENTIC ONE: Viuda de Sanchez is authentic sangrita from Mexico. It is owned by Casa Cuervo and is by far the best selling sangrita in Mexico.

✶ TRADITIONAL DRINK: Mexico- Sangrita, a traditional companion to tequila, perfectly complements the heat given by the agave spirit. Also popular: to make "vampiros" a grapefruit soda, sangrita and tequila cocktail and if you are like me, just to drink it straight, this is a must have for any Mexican party.

✶ SNACKS with DRINK: Best Sea bass dish to pair with Tequila and Sangrita and also a Hot fancy cheese. Just take them and enjoy your time.
✶ WHAT THE PROS: Dare to be different and make a statement with this acrylic shot glass. This shot is stronger than glass. Acrylic short glass is highly customizable. This shot glass is safe at all time. Let us explain that statement a bit. Their acrylic construction makes them stronger and more durable than glass, rendering them virtually. It is known for its attractive glossy surface that is available in transparent.
✶ SENSIBLE DECISION: Buy 2 bottles of Viuda De Sanchez (1L + 1L) along with 2 oz acrylic shot glass. Pour non- acholic sangrita in a safe and chemical free acrylic shot glass and enjoy your drink disease and chemicals free.